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This was delicious and even great leftover the next day – I made a few changes as noted below:

–substituted walnuts for the pecans (just because I like them better)
–added some dried cranberries
–added some chopped red onion since I had some extra sitting around
–I roasted the sprouts instead

Next time I may try a balsamic vinagrette rather than the red wine vinaigrette or even just a balsamic syrup on the salad.



Herb-roasted turkey breast

This has been a Thanksgiving standby since we made it with the Rechkemmers in Charlotte for Thanksgiving 2008.  Still remember hauling Ellie and the baby swing over to their house when she was 2.5 mos old…

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Made for Thanksgiving 2011 with the Haneys.  Amazing.  Will definitely be making again!

Pumpkin Bread

Getting ready for fall – this is my favorite pumpkin bread recipe.  Need to find the recipe for the pumpkin scones at Alice’s Teacup.